Components of the program

A candidate is expected to obtain 161 credits of studies.  This will consist of:

(a) Core Course

i. BCR 109         Communication Skills I

ii. BCR 111         Information Literacy

iii. BCR 414         African Studies

iv. BCR 112         Communication Skills II


(b) Departmental Required Courses   

i. BCR 103         Crime and Society

ii. BCR 104         Fundamentals of Internal Security and Public Safety

iii. BCR 205         Ethical and Philosophical Foundation of Criminology

iv. BCR 206         Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice


(c) Seminars (School wide program)                                                                                  

School wide program


(d) Long Essay (Independent Study at Levels 3 and 4 in a semester each


(e) Internship/Attachment (during second or third year long vacation)                                                                


Ethical and Philosophical Foundations of Criminology

Ethical and Philosophical Foundations of Criminology

Criminology has many challenging ethical dilemmas which impinge on the delivery of justice and the perception of justice in the nation. This course is designed to provide systematic introduction of students to the ethical and philosophical issues and moral dilemmas within the field of criminal justice, including principles of justice, autonomy, capacity, freedom, choice, civil liberties, deontology and utilitarianism, philosophical issues in sentencing, police and ethics, ethics in research, issues of confidentiality and professional ethics, and the scope of state control.

During the course students would distinguish between ethics and law and discuss the different schools of thought in ethics, as well as identify and evaluate ethical questions in criminology and law with specific regard to the ethics of the death penalty and crimes against humanity. Students would consider relevant course cases on issues of law and ethics and how those issues were dealt with. The course would also cover the ethical issues on the judiciary, corruption and the administration of justice, gender and ethnicity issues as well as social class roles

1 lesson Intermediate

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